Using state-of-the-art applied behavioral science, I work with adults and children to overcome barriers to performance and participation in sports, exercise and other physical activities, and maximize their achievement. I specialize in swimming, cycling, running, and martial arts, but the methods I use can be applied to other activities as well. Barriers can be related to motivation, confidence, skill development, consistency, and anxiety or fear.

What I do is highly individualized and depends on the client’s needs and physical activity, but some examples are:

  • Full analysis of skills and performance barriers
  • Goal setting and plan development
  • Form analysis and correction
  • Teaching physical skills and developing critical habits
  • Plans for increasing exercise, fitness and endurance
  • Evidence based programs for reducing anxiety and fears related to swimming or other sports/activities and increasing confidence, which may include cognitive behavioral strategies, successive approximations, systematic desensitization, relaxation strategies and other methods
  • Evidence based teaching and correction methods that may employ the following behavioral strategies (or a combination): TagTeach, prompting and feedback strategies, skill shaping and chaining, video modeling, “errorless” learning strategies, breathing and relaxation techniques, reinforcement and other methods.


“Having the help of a behavioral sports consultant with my swimming has given me the ability to overcome my fears, negative thoughts and self-doubt. My endurance has increased ten-fold from where I started 8 weeks ago. I realize now that what I am thinking, “the power of positive thoughts”, is just as important as the rest of my training. I now have the self-confidence to achieve my endurance goals in swimming. Thank you, Laraine, for your professionalism, patience and support; you have changed my life forever. (I’m a swimmer now, LOL)”

“My experience with Life Targets was truly life changing! My initial goals were to gain confidence and basic skills in swimming, which were met and exceeded. What I didn’t expect was for the strategies that I learned from Laraine, my Behavioral Sports and Health Consultant, to benefit me so profoundly in other aspects of my life. The services that I received were targeted to my specific needs and challenges, and the support, performance feedback, and progress graphs kept me motivated. Our sessions helped me to get even more out to the time I spent with my regular sports coach. I highly recommend Laraine and Life Targets to others who want to maximize their success or overcome sports or health barriers.”

“What I liked best about the experience was the wealth of information and invaluable support Laraine provided, and her constant encouragement”

“It could not have been better – I exceeded my goal!”
“Laraine provides a great program. She is constantly finding ways to help, especially if someone is struggling. If something isn’t working, she comes up with alternatives, and helps you find a solution.”
“…Thank you, Laraine, for your professionalism, patience and support; you have changed my life forever…”


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